7th August 2012

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This is real stuff my mom says to me about The Gaslight Anthem

  • Me: Yep. I love that. :) Also, can you call Daddy and tell him to make sure he gets the mail when it comes? If he's gotta work, make sure Adam gets it.
  • Mom: I called Daddy. What did you buy this time?
  • Me: Pure awesome is what.
  • Mom: Oh, you bought Brian, huh? Will he come via UPS or regular mail?
  • Me: No. I tried but Hollie wouldn't let me. I got Rosamilia instead.
  • Mom: Even better because you like the dark hair and I can get him a deal on his hoodies since I work for Hanesbrands! And he’s taller and you don’t have to be a home-wrecker!

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27th July 2012

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Talking to my mom about Hollie Fallon

  • Me: yeah, in this interview they said "Hollie, a Jewish girl from the Bronx."
  • My mom: *singing* My queen of the Bronx, blue eyes and spitfire
  • Mom: *pauses and looks at me*
  • Mom: Does she really have blue eyes?
  • Me: yeah, why?
  • Mom: She's Jewish...she must be the milk man's kid.
  • Me:

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25th June 2012

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YouTube comments…

someone put up a video for “Here Comes My Man”. One the comments (and my favorite) is as follows. 

Damn, Hollie is lucky! Brian sums up girls so well. It’s almost creepy.”

Oh, the things people say on YouTube. It’s hilarious.

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