8th March 2013

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Orphans - Brian Fallon

Probably posted this before but who’s paying attention lol  

This is incredible. 

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9th December 2012

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Orphans is one of my favorite Gaslight Anthem songs. 

Tagged: orphansthe gaslight anthemamerican slangjust felt the need to sharebecause lastfm brought it upi really really really love this songone that has stuck with me since I first heard it

7th December 2012

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The way Brian says “my baby” in Orphans.

Tagged: the gaslight anthemorphansthis is one of the best songsone of my favorites everwish more people knew it/appreciated itamerican slangi also drew up a really cool tattoo idea based around one of the verses in this songand the way he says baby in Old Hauntsgoodnessplease sing more in your lower range Brian

22nd November 2012

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I watched the Gaslight Anthem’s Hurricane Sandy video this morning. Someone commented on YouTube and pointed out that the first line is Orphans is 

"Goodbye circus wheel, may you rest along the sea."

I bet Brian never thought that line would be so literal. I know what he meant when writing it but now it kind of has a whole other meaning. So sad.

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23rd August 2012

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The clothes I wore just don’t fit my soul anymore.

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19th June 2012

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Example: Orphans

"And I can feel it in my aging bones, how the sound of the rain mixes up into the fountains where I drank my heroes blood. So I left you to find my very own hat full of rain."

This has always been one of my favorite lines but just the way he sings it!! 

I think all of this is because American Slang, in it’s entirety, has become a part of me.

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