12th April 2013

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I may or may not be spamming you with cats today because Jared convinced me to go to Petsmart today and we looked at cats. I found the perfect one but I can’t get him. But I have found out that Maine Coon’s are pretty cool cats. Large and in charge. 

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10th April 2013

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Look, I’m not arguing here. Tumblr or not, it’s wrong. I did not get a tumblr to be a creep or join a ‘fandom’. I came here to keep up with bands and meet people who likes those bands, too. 


*side note* I bet a lot of these kids are the same ones who are ‘too nervous to talk to band member at show’, probably because you feel weird about all the stuff you did when you see that person in front of you. You should feel weird, stop doing it.

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6th April 2013

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It is totally ok to not like a band but I will never understand why some people feel the need to not only post about it, but to tag that band in the post. There are bands I hate with an undying passion but even I have better things to do than insult them on the internet. 

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27th March 2013

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I thought I was doing good with my Gaslight addiction. I only packed 3 Gaslight shirts for when I go home for a 4 days weekend. But then, I figured out that you can substitute ‘Gaslight’ for ‘Sunshine’ in You Are My Sunshine. What have I done?

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25th March 2013


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25th March 2013

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When you think you’re going to bomb a test and your mom keeps asking you what you made on it and you’re scared but when you get the grade back you made a 95 and sit there for a minute with your jaw on the floor…..that happened today with my calculus test. CALCULUS test. No idea where that came from but I will gladly take it. Pulled my average way up.

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21st March 2013

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hey guys, I went almost an entire month without buying a record!! 

But tonight I finally got a copy of the All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash LP for a good price. Pink with black splatter /500. Definitely gonna be one of the prettiest records I own. 

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20th March 2013

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Yes, Mom, you can come, too.

  • Me: Can we road trip to see The Gaslight Anthem two days in a row in Asbury this summer?
  • Mom: "We" who? You and all your boys or you and me or all of us?
  • Me: I asked Jared and he said it'd be cool.
  • Mom: Seriously - you wouldn't let me go? You stink and I don't like you any more.

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20th March 2013

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If anyone is interested, I have a couple other blogs for other stuff.

The first is for my records. So if you’re a record collector and don’t want all my crazy other stuff, go here. Also, I’m in the process of updating all the crappy pictures with better ones.

If you want to see what my band’s up to, check out Prize Wheel here. There will be many more updates soon as we have recorded our EP and are going to start playing shows.

I just started a random blog of other things that amuse me but don’t quite belong on this blog. Check it out if you care.

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19th March 2013


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