21st March 2013

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hey guys, I went almost an entire month without buying a record!! 

But tonight I finally got a copy of the All Aboard: A Tribute to Johnny Cash LP for a good price. Pink with black splatter /500. Definitely gonna be one of the prettiest records I own. 

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18th January 2013

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The Gaslight Anthem - a little record buying help

So someone asked me about selling the doubles (color variants) I have of some of my records. This is in no way meant to be an attack on him, he’s a great dude, keep reading and I’ll be helping y’all out. I absolutely refuse to ever sell them and I only might ever trade one of my non variant collection pieces if you’ve got a darn good deal for me. With that being said, let me help those of you interested in buying records by The Gaslight Anthem

Sink or Swim is now being pressed on clear vinyl in an unlimited run. Don’t let anyone on eBay let you think that it’s worth anymore than $20 (not including shipping). The original run was of 500 but all the ones you see on eBay are out of the unlimited press. You can find them for as low as $15 and as much to $22. That’s a fair price.

Senor and the Queen is basically only an eBay find now. Some places might have some in stock but it’s not as likely to find. The double 7” on black vinyl usually can be found on eBay for about $14. That’s as good as it’s gonna get. Other colors go for much more. There is a 10” as well and those are much rarer and more expensive, however, they are much more convenient for listening enjoyment because flipping over 2 7”s that only have 2 minute songs on them is kind of annoying. 

The ‘59 Sound never stopped being pressed on black vinyl through SideOneDummy Records where it is still available for only $12. In December, they pressed it on blood red vinyl. It is still available for $14 so please do not be that idiot who bids it up to $30 on eBay; do a little googling before you waste your money. Also, S1D has cheap shipping so you’re saving even more (and supporting the label, not a greedy eBay seller). The first press of this album was on clear blue, clear green, and white. All of those are gonna cost you. The black and blood red copies are cheap and readily available.

  • The ‘59 Sound on blood red http://store.sideonedummy.com/tga-59lp-red-180gram.html
  • The ‘59 Sound on black http://store.sideonedummy.com/the-gaslight-anthem-the-59-sound-black-vinyl-lp-2008.html

American Slang is still available through SideOneDummy for $12 just like the ‘59 Sound, on black and blood red for $12 and $14, respectively. There are 4 other colors in the original first press which typically don’t go for as much as the ones of the ‘59 Sound but are still not cheap so I suggest picking up the 180g black or the blood red repress because they both look and sound great. 

  • American Slang on blood red http://store.sideonedummy.com/tgaslangredlp.html
  • American Slang on black http://store.sideonedummy.com/the-gaslight-anthem-american-slang-2010-black-lp.html

Handwritten, unfortunately, was snatched up by a lot of people and is now being sold on eBay for stupid prices. Some local stores are still getting them in for $15 to $17 so if you find one at that price, get it. Some sellers are being kind and not going over $20 but this album is still not worth $40+. Scour eBay a bit and try to find the cheapest price. Amazon still has a few left as well but only a few. 

I really hope this helps those of you looking to buy Gaslight records. eBay should NOT be your first choice. If you do find something you want on eBay, do a little searching to find what a fair price is. A lot of sellers are just trying to make money off of rare records so don’t let them fool you. Also, huge tip here: DO NOT BID AN ITEM WAY UP WAY BEFORE THE AUCTION IS OVER. You will have competition but just because someone else bids on that item 5 days before auction is over doesn’t mean you should too. All that does is show that they have competition and cause the bid to go way higher than it ever should. Wait until the last few seconds to put in your maximum bid and you’ll typically get the item for much cheaper. Putting in an early bid doesn’t guarantee anything. Put the item in your watch list so you can see what it’s doing.

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15th January 2013

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I’m pretty sure buying records just to put them up on your wall is a sin. 

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2nd January 2013


xxxcallmecaptainxxx said: “do you have like a set amount you allow yourself to spend on them, that sounds like it would cost a lot, I just spent 15 on one LP and 18 on another.”

I do not have a set amount that I spend but I do put limits on how much I will pay for one certain item. I have gotten some LP’s as cheap as $5 and one has cost me as much as $50 but the average is about $16. I only want to spend $15 to $20 on new LP’s but I can usually get them from $12 to $17. Right now I am making myself cut back because I have things that I really want to save up for. Collecting records is not cheap at all but I feel more justified in spending $20 on a record because it will last me as long as I take care of it. What most people spend $20 on doesn’t last. Plus, this is one of my 2 hobbies so I don’t spend money on anything else which gives me more money to buy records.

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2nd January 2013

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Just to put things in perspective, in June 2012, I had 150 records. At the end of December 2012, I had (have) 337. It took me a year to get to 150 and only half that time to more than double it. 125% growth there….

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27th December 2012

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Vinyl lovers

I have queued up some great stuff on my record blog. Check it out if you want to see more of my collection.


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25th December 2012

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Deadformat has been updated to include the Christmas loot! →

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23rd December 2012

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Finally got my deadformat matched up with my master list. Check it out if you're into vinyl. →

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10th December 2012

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Getting a compliment on my record collection is one of the best compliments I think I can get.

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18th November 2012

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Should I feel guilty for having this many record mailers in my room? (FYI - the two bigger boxes each held 9 LP’s.) 

Should I feel guilty for having this many record mailers in my room? (FYI - the two bigger boxes each held 9 LP’s.) 

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